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Get a barber to your location each month.

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100% Customer Satisfaction
We offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed or full refund. No questions asked.
On-Demand, To location
Just hit "Get a cut" on the app and our available barbers will be shown on the app. Hit "Select barber" and away we go! Chat as they come to your place!
Trusted & Vetted 
Our company only uses fully trained and licensed barber. We are insured and ready to serve you at your location.
Best Hours of Service
Peak servicing hours of 3pm - 9pm (some barbers may alter their hours and work longer or shorter)







Company Mission:

Everyone wants to feel better, look better, do better, Hair Hustlers will not stop until we make our impact on your appearance. We want to do that one Barbering Service at a time! 

Here is our story:

Hair Hustlers all began with a dream to bring a personal barber to everyone at a reasonable cost.


In 2014 It was Zach Ramsden's dream to have an app. Something to house his creative side, as well as his business knowledge. Being the entrepreneur he is, he looked back at his early days involving hair. Was there a business opportunity around that industry. Looking at market research, only a few companies were building a business around, on-demand barbering services. The market was segmented at best. To better understand the barbering industry, Zach went to barbering school, while building the basic structures of the company. Hair Hustlers became his top venture, from that day forward.

Later in 2018, Zach Ramsden arrived at his friend's house in West Portland to give him a haircut. Fresh out of barbering school and the foundation for Hair Hustlers laid, Zach's friend and himself talked over a haircut, about the idea where barbers could be ordered on-demand to any location, with the press of a button. No more scheduling, just "I want it now, " mentality. Compared to the competitors this was a better "mouse trap" and Portland was the perfect launch city.

Zach left his friend's house and continued thinking of what on-demand barbering would look like and started building his vision for HairHustlers. As he talked to others about the idea, he saw the need, that a service like Hair Hustlers could fulfill. So many busy professionals don't want to have to constantly worry about their hair, scheduling their next appointment, or time-consuming trips to the barbershop. With "hair growth" not slowing down, and people speeding up, Zach began what we call the "Hair Hustlers movement."

Before long, the name, logo, trademark, app,  developers, and business plan were all in place. The app was fully conceived and the vision was clear. Zach spent every free minute on Hair Hustlers and over the next few months, the project took off.

Today, many users in Portland and Portland Metro Area enjoy the convenience and simplicity of the Hair Hustlers experience. 

Founder of Hair Hustlers, On-Demand Haircuts
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Hair Hustlers Founder

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